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to my lost lover

It pains my heart that we never made it, that you never made it to the future we planed together, yet I put in all the work. To the promises we made and I fulfilled and you failed to appreciate, every night was a soccer night with your friends. Neglections I lived with yet I forever gave you love and passion, you made sure to live me lifeless, I needed help I was emotional. All because you could never learn to love me. To my lost lover… Couldn’t live with myself knowing you’ll never survive without me so I made sure I was there when you needed me, hoped some day that I could be indeed. Couldn’t live with myself knowing I left you in the cold rain to frizz, so I made sure my door was always open, till this day i await your arrival, but still. Couldn’t live with myself knowing you where loving someone else so I loved more than you. To my lost lover… tears have gone dry I lost the drive to try so I gave up, I gave up on LOVE, on a HUG, on a SMILE, on FUN, on LIFE,suicidal. I gave up on US and went to hell loving you. Lost in the dark of my own grief, no alcohol could num me from this sorrow. WANGENZA WEMSHELI WAMI. Taking advantage of my young heart, raped me of my youth, MOTHERHOOD i was never prepared for. TO MY LOST LOVER THE LEAST YOU COULD HAVE DONE WAS TO BE AT MY FUNERAL. 

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Why web video vet My Damn Channel is now Omnivision, and why it’s not going anywhere


For anyone familiar with the seven-year-old production and distribution company, the recent announcement that My Damn Channel would be rebranding as Omnivision Entertainment was a surprising switch. The bigger surprise? That it would begin taking a management role in talent.

Founded in 2007 by Rob Barnett and Warren Chao, My Damn Channel began as the home of premium comedy content created by established talent like The Simpsons‘s Harry Shearer and The State‘s David Wain. But it was also a major factor in building Grace Helbig into a cross-platform star and supporting Mark Malkoff in developing his trademark hilarious stunts.

“We concentrated on quality over quantity, and worked with established as well as new and emerging talent,” Barnett said in a phone interview.

Now, emerging talent is becoming a bigger piece of the puzzle, as with the Omnivision reveal came the announcement that the new banner would be providing…

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Check out Gooseberry, the upcoming animated feature film from the makers of Sintel


Remember Big Buck Bunny and Sintel? Sure you do: The two animated short films have been a staple of product demos for smart TVs, streaming devices and video player apps for years, in part because their stunning production quality, and in part because both are Creative Commons-licensed, liberally allowing reuse.

The Blender Foundation, which was behind both films, now plans to produce an animated feature film called Gooseberry.

The foundation, which is using these kinds of films to show off the capabilities of its open source 3D software, is currently raising funds for Gooseberry through a crowdfunding campaign. The ambitious goal of the campaign is to raise €500,000 (close to $700,000), and with only four days left, it still has ways to go.

Maybe it’s time for all those consumer electronics companies and startups that have used Big Buck Bunny and Sintel in the past to start…

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If Unity is a give and get where one has to put in 100% and so does the other, could it succeed with no values or respect? Can it really drive the ship to its destiny.

If Unity is a give and get often  I wonder who gives and who gets. I question how does it really work? Is it driven by the universe or should   I just take charge.

If Unity is a give and get does it where personality? 

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Two Sides of Tolerance: Accepting Others

A Quiet Week In The House


Not long ago, I enjoyed tea and pastry at my favorite bakery. A woman with dizzying perfume swept into a seat behind me. Her sharp, expensive fragrance slid over my table, invading each sip and bite I took.  Irritation engulfed me. I snatched up my notebooks and stomped across the room to pen a few ill-tempered paragraphs. When my tea tasted good again, I stole a glance at the perpetrator. Slim and sixtyish, she stiffened under my scrutiny.

I expected someone offensive and unlikable–a diabolical, slathering fiend, perfume bottle in hand, ready to shoot pungent fluids at my face.  Instead, a frail and self-conscious senior citizen nibbled a croissant.  Her red-and-black plaid pantsuit radiated as fiercely as her fragrance. She was the kind of woman who applies lipstick with a tiny brush and styles her improbable chestnut hair with precision. In a deserted bakery, she purposely chose the seat closest…

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My train ride

Well i only started using the metro rail train in the beginning of the year 2013 and i must confess it really brought me out of my comfort zone and actually taught me self confidence, which is something i had failed to build on my own and every teacher or educator failed to install in me yet a simple daily train ride built and boosted the self belief i so very much longed for.

Well of course in the beginning it was a hug challenge and i feared the idea of sitting face to face across each other with a stranger let along next to one. I had plenty and i mean plenty of questions around that and yet no one had the answers, just scary stories about their experience on the train which wasn’t much help, well not to me anyway and i doubt any body else. I had to learn to trust in my self, I had to be strong and face my train fears for only then could i be freed from all sorts of made up thoughts that seemed to be locking me in.. I wanted to earn my own train ride freedom take control, and i must say i am FREE.